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Teaching is a vital aspect of the profession that I approach with deep commitment and enthusiasm, as education is the most important pathway to social mobility. I have extensive experience teaching comparative politics and international relations and have consistently received outstanding evaluations. I have had the pleasure of teaching both during my graduate training and now at Tulane University.  I taught students who challenged me every day to become a better instructor.


As an educator, I am always willing to work with my students so they can achieve their learning goals and relate the course content with their lived experiences. This is how students can effectively convert the information they receive into knowledge that is relevant to them, and that is what the college experience is all about. 


My teaching always seeks provide students with tools to assess current social science work critically.


As a teacher, I am committed to providing effective assessment and feedback to students. Furthermore, as and immigrant and first-generation college student myself, I am passionate about mentoring students from diverse backgrounds, particularly those from historically underrepresented communities in higher education.


Below is a list of classes I have worked on and sample evaluations. Sample syllabi and a teaching portfolio are available upon request.

Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)

Instructor of Record for POLI 4011 Armed Forces & Politics. Spring 2023. Evaluations

Instructor of Record for Violence in Latin America (Seminar). Spring 2024 (Scheduled).

University of California, Riverside (Riverside, CA)

Instructor of Record

  • (Politics of Mexico, Undergraduate). Summer 2020 (Online). Evaluations

Teaching Assistant (3 weekly discussion sections, with 25 people each, designing section assignments,

grading all materials). Selected evaluations

  • World Politics (Undergraduate). Winter 2022, Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Spring 2018.

  • Comparative Politics (Undergraduate). Winter 2019, Fall 2018, Fall 2017.

  • Politics of the Developing World (Undergraduate). Winter 2020, Summer 2019.

  • Politics of Mexico (Upper Division, Undergraduate). Andrew Ivey. Summer 2021.

  • Comparative Political Economy (Upper Division, Undergraduate). Fall 2019.

  • Globalization and Underdevelopment (Upper Division, Undergraduate). Summer 2019.

  • Politics and Economic Policy (Upper Division, Undergraduate). Summer 2018.

  • Political Ideologies (Writing Intensive, Undergraduate). Winter 2018.

Reader (Grading all materials)

  • Political Violence in Latin America (Upper Division, Undergraduate). Spring 2017.

  • Terrorism and Political Violence (Upper Division, Undergraduate). Winter 2017.

  • Globalization and Underdevelopment (Upper Division, Undergraduate). Fall 2016.

  • Globalization and Underdevelopment (Upper Division, Undergraduate). Fall 2016.

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